Education has remained as one of the greatest contributors to the success of individuals although there may be a few exemptions. Every individual's fist few years on earth determine how they turn out as adults. Overall behaviour as well as the way we think and act are moulded at this early stage making it an essential part of moulding children into responsible adults. Giving your child the opportunity to study in the best private schools from the beginning is one way to realise their potential from a tender age. There are many advantages from studying in private schools as opposed to public schools in the United Kingdom.

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private school curriculum

One of the main advantages of private schools is their curricula. Most schools offer diversified curricula that allows children to experiment and nurture their talents in different fields. From Science and technology, art classes, music and drama, your child is exposed to expert advice and guidance early enough. At this age, children are very curious and harnessing this curiosity and channelling it into what they enjoy most is one way to build the confidence in their talents. The private schools are able to hire specialist teachers who guide the children in a loving and caring way. Some children go on to become successful artisans, sports people, musicians, scientists among other professions.

Identify interest as they change

A child experiments with different activities before they can find out what they enjoy more. More often than not, the children will change interests as they grow older. Having teachers who monitor the children's progress annually will ensure that these children receive the encouragement and training they need at each stage. This is essential in moulding the children into who they will be as adults. It also goes a long way in ensuring that those who do not feel confident enough with their abilities receive the mentorship and the training needed.

Low teacher student ratio

Most private schools have very low teacher student ratios. This ensures that the children not only receive quality education but that the teachers are able to tell what each child is going through at each given school period. Teachers will also be able to notice when external forces such as problems at home and peer pressure are affecting the child negatively. This gives the children a chance to get the emotional support they require as well as the counselling they need to keep them on the right track.


There are so many activities that go on in schools either as part of the private school curriculum or as a co-curricular activities. Most children participate in several activities and are still expected to perform well in school. This teaches the children how to achieve balance among different things, a skill that is extremely helpful as adults. They will be able to balance their work, life and family without a strain. While these activities are available in public schools, monitoring the children to ensure they are performing well in all aspects becomes a challenge due to the high teacher student ratio.

If you want to prepare your child well for life, it is advisable that you enrol them in a reputable private school from an early age. The continuous support, counselling and monitoring in the private schools will ensure that they turn out to be very disciplined and focused adults who know what they want to achieve in their lives.